rachel upshaw

I’m Rachel Upshaw, a Los Angeles-based screenwriter. 

Born, raised, and educated in Austin, Texas, I left the south and went on the Sex and the City pilgrimage to New York like so many brave souls of my generation. In some circles I am considered The SamanthaIn others, a Charlotte. (In reality I’m more of an Elaine.)

After a few years in New York, fate and a pharmaceutical company consulting contract led me to Berlin. While I was there I did a lot of self-discovery, illegally downloaded TV show binging, and hefeweizen drinking. I also met my future husband (!!!) No, he’s not German. He’s Greek. WHAT? I know. It’s quite a tale…and now a screenplay. Because we live in Los Angeles! And this is my dream! And I will milk this relationship story for all its worth.

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